promotional activities

health awareness

The principal aim of this organization is "health". Pursuing our belief that only by providing treatment facilities and medicines the problems of the villages cannot be solved unless awareness through health education is successfully created, the Sangha has laid utmost importance to this aspect. Though it is a long term programme but we are happy to note the appreciable changes already brought about in the villages through health awareness bringing benefits of health habits and healthy living.

An important aspect of the preventive services is the Home Visit Programme by village-level workers or Community Health Guides. Each of the trained Community Health Guides (CHGs) are entrusted to make at least 50 home visits to the families in their own villages, once a month, as per a framework to make the visited families health conscious through training and personal guidance. They enquire and update their knowledge about these families, provide necessary counseling and keep watch whether the instructions are carried out or not.

Regular refresher and orientation courses are held at all local centres. In this way, the Sangha develops an understanding of the real difficulties faced by villagers and their needs.

Present day lifestyle-related diseases like Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Stroke as well as aspects like looking after the aged, psychiatric diseases are laid stress on in the programmes.

Keeping in view the modern day trends, CD shows in villages are the best way of mass awareness. Every year villagers are shown CD films on various subjects of healthcare, mother and child care, prevalence of diseases, sanitation and hygiene which are then explained to them in simple language.

Since mothers are the nuclei of families, mothers’ meetings are organized in villages on regular basis where doctors and health workers explain issues like the need of cleanliness, proper food habits, pre-natal and ante-natal care. Apart from this, through the mobile medical unit, group meetings are held with both mothers and men of families where healthcare issues and the importance of healthcare are explained.

For imparting training to CHGs, the Sangha holds regular training programmes for them with several experts and professionals. A Training Cell formed with the help of experts from the All India Institute of Hygiene & Public Health moves out to different village centres for imparting of training. The work of training is carried on systematically throughout the year. The 8-point guideline of W.H.O. is taken to be the basis of training of the Health Guides thus bringing in a modern outlook keeping with international standards.