mobile health unit

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Commissioned in favour of the Sangha by the Sushila Birla Memorial Institute, the Mobile Healthcare Unit has been working efficiently in the Sangha's adopted rural areas since 1989. It is equipped with the most sophisticated medical gadgets like portable X-Ray machine, slide projector, pathological materials along with medicine and a generator set. A team of mobile staff comprising of a full-time Medical Officer, Pharmacist, Supervisor and two lady volunteers, visits the rural centres taking these sophisticated medical aids at the door-steps of the rural people.

It may be compared with a well equipped Primary Health Care Unit on wheels through which all the essential eight components of Primary Health Care Programme of WHO are being delivered to some cluster of villages of rural West Bengal. Quite naturally, a major portion of the Sangha's service activities are catered through this Mobile Unit which visits rural centres by rotation every week.

The Unit renders the following routine services :
  • Curative treatment for general patients

  • Audio-visual slide projection on various health aspects

  • Healthcare of pregnant mothers and adolescent girls

  • Immunization

  • Nutritional supplemenatation therapy programme

  • Conducting door-to-door home visits

  • Group Meetings

  • Imparting training/refeshers to Volunteers/Community Health Guides

health awareness

The Mobile team meets every Thursday after return from a centre to report to the Co-ordinator about the services so far extended. The Co-ordinator in turn analyses and discusses the problems, if any, faced during the previous week. The Sub-committee of the Sangha with the responsibility of the Mobile Healthcare Unit meets every month with a view to ensure efficient and effective running of the unit.

Over the years owing to continuous effort at the village level it is seen that the pattern of healthcare requirement has changed. There has been a drastic reduction in infectious diseases like cholera, diorreah, malaria, etc.

The Sangha, through its Mobile Health Unit has shifted its focus to the following areas of non-communicable asnd lifestyle-related diseases :
  • Taking care of physical as well as mental health of senior citizens in the villages.

  • Identification and treatment of physically handicapped of the villages.

  • Spread of Cancer awareness with the help of Thakurpukur Cancer Hospital & Research Centre and Chittaranjan Cancer Hospital.

  • Gynaecological tratment of women under reproductive child health.