Though the organization is for healthcare, it has been observed that unless Education is laid stress on, one cannot culminate health habits and awareness among villagers. As pointed out by Swami Vivekananda himself, Education is the panacea of all evils.


This is a prestigious educational programme of the Sangha continuing since last fifteen years. There are seven ECE centres, under the Sangha - four under Khanpur Center in Hooghly district, one under Asharia Centre in Howrah district and two under the Somsar Centre in Bankura district.

Each centre has students drawn mostly from the backward community having no usual school going habits. Children at these Centres are given substantial meals every day to supplement this nutritional deficiencies. Besides studies, the children also enjoy sports, music and games at the centres. Annual sports are held and acievers rewarded. Teachers and Organizers on voluntary and semi-voluntary basis, take care of the children. These seven ECE centres have become very popular amongst the village level. Through these children, their respective houseolds are reached for providing healthcare services.


In the overall development of the village education of the adult members is an important means to achieve the objective. At present six adult education centres are being run - three at Khanpur, two at Harangheri and one at Asaria.


In order to help students in their studies, free coaching class is organized on a regular basis at the Khanpur centre where teachers on a voluntary basis guide needy students.