Envisaged as a Centre of Excellence in Neuroscience, the institution is proud to have Full Time Consultants looking after patients. All our consultants are available 24 x 7 for their patients.

A unique feature of NNC is that each night a consultant stays in the premesis so that any emergency receives the attention of a fully qualified and experienced specialist. Assisting these consultants are post-graduate resident doctors, and medical officers who are trained to look after the needs of neuro patients.Any Emergency is looked into at once. After admission into the Intensive Therapy Unit of NNC, the ITU Medical Officer and the Resident Post Graduates of Neuromedicine or Neurosurgery initially stabilize the patient.

The “Stay In” consultant is then Consulted and the treatment is instituted immediately. THUS NO TIME IS LOST.Emergency Surgeries are performed to Save the lives of patients at any time of the night in the exclusive Neurosurgery Operation Theatres which are open 24 x 7.

Dedicated team capable of handling the most complex and complicated cases. Good Neuro Care cannot be given if there is no Team Effort.

Good Neuro Care cannot be given if there is no Team Effort. An efficient Neuroscience Service means the presence of a highly motivated TEAM, which works in a perfectly co-ordinated manner, as a single person unit is often found inadequate.

TEAM NNC, is a dedicated, motivated and committed group of professionals who believe in the Mission of NNC – Skill at work while showing Compassion to the patients.

This dedicated Team comprises full time Neurosurgeons, full time and part time Neurologists, exclusive full time NeuroAnesthesiologists and Intensivists, Dementia Care Specialists, Neuronurses, and Administrative Staff . The team is led from the front by none other than the world renowned Aneurysm Surgeon, Dr Robin Sengupta, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Newcastle-upon- Tyne.Specially trained and exclusive neuro intensive care and operation theatre nursing staff. The nurses are one of the largest work forces in NNC.

The nurses are one of the largest work forces in NNC. The department’s guiding principle is to maintain a safe and caring environment for patients and delivering quality nursing care of the highest standard with compassion and human touch. Our quality is based on evidence-based practice and effective processes.

Qualified experienced nurses of various levels are recruited from all over India to ensure we get the best-devoted nurses to serve our patients. We give them 3 months special neuro-intensive training to orient them to our institution standards.

Our Matron and Nurse manager of each unit ensure highest standard of nursing is delivered to all patients. They ensure that procedures and protocols are followed accurately. To achieve this they provide the nurses with positive professional influence, guidance and support.We take patient satisfaction seriously. We will walk the extra mile to ensure it. We have consistently a good record of patient satisfaction feed back.

We care for our patients with respect given to their religious, spiritual and cultural beliefs. Their dignity and privacy will be maintained at all times. We also understand that it is the crisis period for the family as well. So our concern will extend to family and friends who will be given support during this crisis period.