VSSS Objectives

VSSS Objectives

Our Objectives

  • Health for the rural masses
  • Research on people-oriented technology for implementation of the health programmes and also training of the villagers in primary healthcare
  • Literacy promotion and socio-economic development of the rural masses
  • Build a model village through people's participation

All the activities are designed and formulated as per the World Health Organization guidelines of eight major components of Comprehensive Primary Health Care programme:

  • Education concerning prevailing health problems and the methods of preventing and controlling them;
  • Promotion of food supply and proper nutrition;
  • An adequate supply of safe drinking water and basic sanitation;
  • Maternal and child health care including family planning;
  • Immunization against major infectious diseases;
  • Prevention and control of locally endemic diseases;
  • Appropriate treatment of common diseases and injuries;
  • Provision of essential drugs.