Promotive Programmes

Promotive Programmes

The Sangha have started its first venture through curative programs. Experience after conducting curative and preventive programs showed that it is through Integrated Development Program that this work can be performed in a much better way or effect can be felt for longer duration of time. Because of this, Promotive Programme or comprehensive development work in rural areas is given due importance in our aims and objectives. Health problems in the remote villages are mainly due to extreme ignorance and poverty. Therefore, medical services alone are inadequate to bring about total transformation of our villages. Through Audio Visual Unit Vans the VSSS has embarked upon one of this most important area of rural health care.

Home Visit by CHG:

From 1997, a very important milestone for public health development was established in the form “Home Visit programme.” The home visits are made by the trained Community Health Guides volunteers. This programme brought excellent results.

Health Education:

Health Care Educative Program has been a very successful and popular program for us. VSSS have engaged itself this from start, keeping with the ideology of Magic Lantern by Swami Vivekananda. This is being implemented in the following manner:

Slide Show:

Through the mobile Medical Van of VSSS, audio-visual health care awareness slideshow are shown to all villages, which are very popular. Where there is no power supply available, show is conducted by running a generator. Attractive and interesting Slide shows on topics like contagious disease, Drinking Water, Family planning, Attending pregnant mother, Diarrhea and the like, are regularly conducted.

Mother’s Meeting:

Our staff working with Mobile Medical Unit, whenever they are in the villages, conducts a special deliberation with the mothers once a month, where issues like Family Planning, Health care for expecting mothers are discussed.

Group Meeting:

Through our Mobile unit, whenever it goes to villages , awareness programs through group meeting is also considered fruitful. Health workers while visiting villages, often hold open meeting at strategic locations in the villages and teaches health education to the villagers through a light approach.

Swachha Bharat Abhijan:

As per guideline of the Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Bhabaprachar Parishad, Belur Math this year we have organized Swachha Bharat Abhijan programme both at our Raghunathpur Registered office and Salt Lake working centre and also at our branch centre, like, Khanpur.