Curative Programmes

Curative Programmes

We started with this scheme in the beginning and through this scheme only we have developed confidence and faith among the villagers. Although we lay more importance today on developmental work and prevention of diseases, still curative programs are one of the focused areas of VSSS, which reduce ailments, and thus curing of patients. Curative Services cover the patients treated at the clinics; medicines are distributed free to the poor and needy. Priority is given to women and children so as to eliminate the poverty-linked diseases like malnutrition and vitamin-deficiency. This scheme can be divided into following areas:

General Medicine

Every Sunday Two Doctors, Nurse ans Male and Female health workers with requisite medicines visit different rural centres. After prayer, Doctors start examining patients and depending on requirements give necessary advice on family planning and Health care. Health Workers give away the medicines. In addition to this, specialist doctors, Oculist, Dentist, Gynecologist and Pediatrics visit these villages periodically and treat patients on particular disease.

Mobile Health Care Unit

The Mobile Health Care Unit commissioned in favour of the Sangha with the collaboration of the Sushila Birla Memorial in 1989. The Mobile Healthcare Unit has been working efficiently covering all the major components of the primary Health care programme through Curative, Preventive and Promotive aspects. It is equipped with the most sophisticated medical gadgets like portable X-ray machine, Slide Projector, Items for Pathological investigation, generator and medicines. A team comprises of a full-time Medical Officer, Pharmacist, Supervisor and two lady volunteers who are able to reach out medical treatment to individual houses in the villages. This mobile unit is just like a movable hospital through which it is possible to implement all the 8 elements of Health care services. This unit is programmed to move to 4 rural Centres of VSSS every month and stays there for 3 consecutive days. About 250 patients are examined and treated in each centre.

Special Medical Camp

Apart from usual schedule of examining and treating patients, on special occasions, VSSS arranges camps in places near Kolkata and surrounding rural areas. Every year VSSS organizes a number of special medical camps, for example, Eye camps and Dental camps.

Homeopathy Medicine

Lot of importance has been assigned at VSSS for treatment with homeopathic medicine. This service is being continued at Somsar and at Salt Lake Centre of the Sangha. Doctors are visiting these centers as per schedule. They give free medicines after check up and also take part in health related activities at the center. An approximate of 1,500 patients are treated in both the centers during each year.