Community Health Guides

Community Health Guides

Community Health Guides

From 1997, a very important milestone for public health development was established in the form “Home Visit programme.” The home visits are made by the trained Community Health Guides volunteers. This programme brought excellent results.

Home Visit:

This is considered as a backbone of our Comprehensive Health care Program. Our aim is to visit every house in the village and make the villagers aware of the Health care needs. Our rural health care workers take care of at least 60 families of their respective villages. They visit these families at least once a month , collects required information, advise them as one of their friends matter concerning Health care needs and then, ultimately sees to it that advice is getting adhered to. It is through home visit problems and requirements for the villages are highlighted and are brought to us. Though full settlement of all the problems was not possible for us ,we have been able to solve part of their problems so far. In addition we have been able to make aware some families in the villages the need for Health Care. Work of this nature is valuable but time consuming. Since this type of work does not bring forth imminent result, it is with great difficulties we are still pursuing this. Under the circumstances we have widened our areas of activities, although we are running short of active health care workers from the villages to take care of additional villages. Notwithstanding many hurdles, VSSS are continuing with the same objectives, because this is the best way to improve awareness on healthcare. A frequent refresher course is on, beside organising regular training courses among the health workers in every centre.

CHG Training:

Training programs on health schemes for our workers, followed up by constant refresher courses are not only creating due awareness in them, but also, they are mentally charged with due encouragement with the help of the training programs. Continuous by turn, training programs are being carried out in all our centres. The 3-5 day convention is attended by about a hundred CHGs from different village centers of VSSS. Apart from presentation and learning sessions by several renowned guests ranging from doctors, nutritionist to government officials, there was also participative group discussion and resolutions by the CHG volunteers. The CHGs take a test to ratify their quality of service and as expected they all excelled in their knowledge. Finally they received certification and gifts from our honored guest on the day of the closing ceremony. At the end of our training programs a small booklet on health care services is distributed to all.

In one year more than once this training programs are conducted in all our centres. Apart from this, a central training workshop was organised taking all health workers of all rural centres in the head quarter. A huge number health care workers from rural centres participated in the workshop. In addition to conventional training programs, due deliberation was given to all, regarding matters concerning home visits. A tremendous enthusiasm swept away among the health care workers in rural and urban areas after the training workshop and home visits since then were found with much success.