Elective surgical procedures include Surgeries of the Brain, Spine, Spinal Cord and Nerves. These are performed 6 days a week in the two well equipped exclusive Operation Theatres of NNC. Surgeries range from Craniotomies for Brain tumours, Aneurysms, Vascular Malformations etc to Stereotaxic procedures, to Shunts to Spinal operations like MicroLumbar Discectomy, Anterior Cervical Microdiscectomy.

Emergency operations are performed at any time of the day or night. The Operation theatres are open 24 x7 to enable fast mobilization of patients to surgery in case of dire emergencies. Emergencies include Brain operations for removal of blood clots in the brain following trauma. Hypertensive hemorrhage, and the like. Surgery is also done when patients with tumours and other conditions suddenly deteriorate.

Centre for micro neurosurgery and other advanced techniques. Microneurosurgical techniques have been the essentials of neurosurgical Surgery conducted under high magnification with miniaturized instruments on microscopic vessels and structures of the nervous system.

Microneurosurgical techniques have been the essentials of neurosurgical practice. Principles of Microneurosurgery are mainly based upon handling the lesions of different characteristics that can be localized in any part of the nervous system. Whereas the aim is to treat these lesions with efficacy and precision, the performance should be non-traumatic and minimally invasive. Delicate movements of instruments under the magnification of an operating microscope require a good knowledge of Microneurosurgical anatomy and experience. Professional teamwork is the essential part of Microneurosurgical operations. Fascinating approaches are not practical unless combined with appropriate positioning and optimal conduction of Neuroanesthesia.