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Volunteers for Selfless Service to Society

Vivekananda Swasthya Seva Sangha (VSSS) implements an Integrated Approach for Rural development and healthcare through selfless service in several clusters of villages in rural West Bengal. Since its formal inception in 1984 the activities of the VSSS has steadily grown and the number of village centres multiplied through the network of rural service centres and sub-centres.

Our philosophy is Service to man as service to God, as preached by Swami Vivekananda. The genesis of VSSS lies in the Call for Youth Movement during the Second Convention of Ramakrishna Mission at Belur Math in 1980. Senior Monks of the Ramakrishna Order are our guides and advisers. We also follow the guidelines of WHO and All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health.

Though Curative Medical Service was our entry point to the villagers but Integrated development is what we aim at under our programmes. We arrived at Integrated Approach as the solution for self sufficiency while trying to make our villages self sufficient under our primary health care programme and subsequently education and other socio-economic development programmes.

Our uniqueness that sets us apart from all other organizations is we uplift a village into self sufficiency and move on to other villages which is in dire need of development. Thus we invite every citizen to take active part in our activities for the upliftment of our Nation.

Our Uniqueness

VSSS is nourished by the moral guidance of Monks of Ramakrishna Order and technical know-how from experts of Public Health following WHO guidelines. It is purely a voluntary organization and we maintain the spirit of selfless sacrifice without any financial incentive.

Health Care Service

The Sangh runs several rural health centres and several satellite sub-centres. The activities are mainly based on primary health care programme of the Govt. of India and World Health Organization.


The Sangha serves on an average more than 300 rural women and children annually through its 3 Adult Education centres and 5 Early Childhood Education centres.

Vocational Training

About 120 rural youths and farmers are trained annually in various trades, - farming, tailoring and wool-knitting, computer operation, etc - through community polytechnics, and through agro-based seminars and workshops organized by the Sangha in its rural service centres.

Community Health Guides

Our CHG make home visits to educate and supervise the rural mass on best practices in physical and environmental health. This is considered as a backbone of our Comprehensive Health care Program. Our aim is to visit every house in the village and make the villagers aware.

Mobile Health Care Unit

Our Medical Vans provide medical services on wheels to the remote rural areas. It renders the following services: Audio-visuals on health; Immunization; Conducting Home visits; Refresher course for Volunteers and CHG; Nutritional supplementation therapy; Naranarayan Seva, etc.

Integrated Development

VSSS started its first venture through curative programs, followed by curative and preventive programs. Through experience, we found that it is only through Integrated Development Program lasting benefit can be achieved through Community participation and its effect can be felt for long and self sufficiency achieved.

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